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Introducing Alex Swaggins and the Pink Posse

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Alex is hard headed and thinks he knows more than most people he meets. Alex was a stripper in a seedy men's theatre in Chicago but left the job when a relationship with a masochistic bartender who did not understand the concept of a 'Safe Word' turned sour.
 He secretly desires to open a gay strip club and start a gang called the Pink Posse to protect it from snooping law enforcement and the inevitable neighborhood watchdog groups who would try and shut the place down. Hearing of a city that might fit the bill he takes the last of his cash and purchases a bus ticket to LucidCity along with two packages of cheese crackers for the long ride to a new life.
Thinking to himself 'LucidCity will never know what hit them' he boards the bus and closes his eyes knowing this will be the journey of his life.

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