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Hi Im Luca

Luca Baily

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Luka Baily is a lone wolf entering a new world originated from North Alabama.He is not married and does not have any children not is he intend to get any in the future.Having lived the high life being the son of one of the riches people in city,he felt the need to make his own name. He aims to become a training officer in the police one day and goal would be to become a sherrif or dadective and keep the streets clean.
Luka met a group of friends that is everything to him and also part of his family. They will do anything for him and so will Luka do vice versa. They always do things together to try and keep their relationships close and have good times together and when the bad stuff happens, they are also always there to assist and to help each other out.
With his friends the only family Luca has, this tought his alot of respect towards others and thats one thing Luca has, and that is respect. If people break this it will take a very long time for them to get the resepct back again from Luca.
After all these years Luca lived in the city and being part of the rich family, he decided to start his own life and do what he needs to do daily to survive and not to just live the family life. Luca aims to grow his group of friends aka family and to stay close to them at all times.
Luca also see the city as a great growing place where anything can happen any time of the day and this boosts Luca's life with excitement. By the way, he also love to keep fit with burger and not with the gym

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