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    • Hey @b0wser, I totally get how it could be a big bummer dealing with a Discord ban, especially when it's all about the account age. Once your Discord account hits the magical 2 week mark, fill in a ban appeal and mention the reasoning behind your ban. You can do that right here  If you need any help or info, feel free to hit me up. Best of luck, Neuhi
    • Hey everyone! I just recently joined (kinda) and am hoping I can get involved soon! I sadly was banned from the discord because I had a new discord and have not been able to get unbanned. I am a twitch and youtube partner looking to get involved and have some fun in the server with your community! Much love
    • What is your discord name? taczeng What is your age? 18 How long have you been on Lucid City RP? 1 year What is your in-game phone number? 3441029636 What is your roleplay name? Sneef K What country & region are you from? New York, US How would you explain the duties of a Lawyer? lawyer's overall responsibilities center on helping clients navigate the complexities of the legal system and obtain the results they want by offering legal experience, counsel, and advocacy. An individual, business, or organization seeking legal counsel Do you have previous legal experience? If so, explain. not in city but i have basic knowledge of laws outside of city, just legal experience outside of city Why do you want to be a lawyer? i want to serve the people of lucid and the roleplay is thorough and engaging, in my opinion. It's a means of advancing genuine character development, in my opinion. How are you different from other applicants? I believe that my charm and legal experience set me apart from the other applicants. commitment to my work and openness to accepting any challenge that may arise. How much time are you willing to invest as a lawyer? I've lost all interest in gang RP so I would say a sizeable amount of time. I can see myself being pretty dedicated. Does your character have a criminal record? It is clean What is your current occupation on the server? Taxi Company Have you received any disciplinary actions in the past? If so, why were you disciplined, and what have you learned from that mistake? i have on things i didnt know when i first flew into the city, and some when i was coming back not remember the bible rules Do you agree not to ask about the status of your application? Yes Do you agree to follow chain of command? Yes  
    • Howdy Dean Grey doing all this to apply to help make Lucid City a better city and to get some experience in other fields other than Civilian 
    • DENIED - Items were returned.
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