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  1. You have to make a ban appeal.
  2. beardjd


    Try to leave the server and come back
  3. Make a ban appeal and it will be addressed
  4. Nice to meet you Aaron Kearse
  5. Awesome! Welcome to Lucid City.
  6. In our discord there are several channels to help new community members. If you cannot find the answer you are seeking there feel free to DM me on discord at BEARD#6235.
  7. Welcome Dilly! Looks like you are off to a good start now all you have to do is start RPing.
  8. Welcome! Join our community and start roleplaying. Make sure to download fivem and join our discord at discord.gg/lucidcity. Also, take the time to read over our rules. You can find them at the top under "Rules".
  9. Lucid City is public and you are more than welcome to join. Download fivem, join our discord, and connect. Make sure to read over our rules before entering because we are a serious roleplay server and take infractions seriously to maintain the intergrity of our server. Welcome!
  10. beardjd


    Welcome to Lucid City!
  11. Go to your fivem file-fivem application data-data-cache-delete anything that says cache at the end. There are several youtube videos out there that can help also.
  12. Try deleting your cache and trying again.
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