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"I was labeled by British law enforcement as the ‘fixer’, the brain behind Britain’s largest ever drug smuggling operation.
In the late Eighties and Nineties, as a young mixed-race teenager I found myself caught between two cultures, and persecuted by both, yet I refused to remain an outsider and accept the “reject” status bestowed upon me. Instead I embraced it.
Some will say, with wit, charm, ingenuity, and a razor-like business sense inherited from my “oracle-like” Jamaican mother, I followed my ideals and helped create a whole movement based on the love that I wanted to see in the world. That movement was Rave, fueled exclusively by basslines and Ecstasy. Peace, love and unity ruled the night. I had embarked on an incredible journey that would bring me wealth beyond my dreams,  gangland violence, tragedy and an unimaginable downfall"

After leaving school at 14, Ronnie Lion, aka JuJu started out selling weed at house parties before moving on to run some of the biggest warehouse raves of the acid-house era. But with it came trouble, and when someone was shot at one of his raves he was forced to flee to Jamaica. It was there that Ronnie learned the tricks of the smuggling trade, and with corrupt UK Customs in his pocket it seemed nothing could go wrong. But then someone in his network used his supply chain to start shifting industrial amounts of cocaine. When he went to meet a shipment of counterfeit cigars, he was seized by a Customs task force and arrested when the goods turned out to be half a ton of premium-grade cocaine. Following two controversial trials, Ronnie was acquitted after eighteen months on remand. After being released he retired to the US to make a fresh start. Just one of the many more interesting people you can find in and around our great cultured city of Los Santos.

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