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Mr Dolxn - Newish to the city!

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Mr Dolxn, but you can call me Dolxn (Dol-Lynn). I didn't really know myself enough to introduce myself yet, but I can truthfully now say I am comfortable enough to let y'all know who I am. If you don't know me I am a bartender at Cockatoos so if you have had the chance to speak with me you know I love to talk! I am an energetic person that loves to meet and work with new people. I am a nice guy and very outgoing, but I will say if you cross me in anyway I tend to flip my switch very fast. I do what I have to do to get by as I grew up a lil rough. I don't ever want to be broke, the one to ask for handouts, and definitely would never be the one who will stab you in the back. I am a trustworthy person and you will know that fast once you get to know me. But, this is all I have to say! Thank you to the people that have been really supportive and helpful! Hope to meet you all!


Thank you,

Mr Dolxn (The Bartender)

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