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Hi all,


I'm Liam & I'm new to LCRP as well as the FiveM format for GTAV roleplay. I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing what the community has to offer.

I've been a roleplayer on GTA for well over ten years or so now & I'm still here doing the same thing.. That says something! 🙃 Not that I'm sad.. I just love the game & roleplay.

Throughout my time across the GTA roleplay platforms, I've predominantly been in the Law Enforcement side of things, illegal roleplay really isn't my thing. Once I've got to know the in's & the out's of the server, I'd thoroughly like to give LEO roleplay a go in this community.


I look forward to roleplaying with you all & I'm looking forward to exploring LCRP! (Once I get in.. I've come across the queue system!) 😉🤣


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