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  1. Go into Unban appeals and post there.
  2. Not seen this error before, try restarting your PC and Router and see if that helps. Failing to get info in 3 attempts seems like a internet speed problem maybe.
  3. I am guessing it is a new Discord account?
  4. Have to ask around the city for those kind of things.
  5. Go click on unban appeals and post it in the correct place. You’re more likely to get helped there.
  6. What happens when you try to join discord??
  7. It’s actually a very simple process. I have a full guide written up on the guides section but just clicking verify on a DM isn’t really a “very difficult process” glad you’re figuring it out now though.
  8. Have a watch of this guide and let me know if it helps. Feel free to ask some questions https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/topic/12869-guide-how-to-join-lucid-public-guide/?tab=comments#comment-38939
  9. If you don’t have a member role in the discord, leave and join the discord and check your DMs you’ll have a DM from a certain Bot which verifies your account and gives you your role
  10. JoeyC


    Welcome, if you need a hand joining or anything. Let me know.
  11. Welcome, any issues with joining the server etc. Let me know and i'll help you out.
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