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bingo, Jimmy Pesto!

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A guido from the south bronx, born in Newark, New Jersey-- originally from Rigatoni, Italy. After a rat outed him for cutting cheese from the boss, he's on the run. Ain't got no kids, but family is family-- know what i'm saying? He ain't got nobody now that his brother in arms is on his ass. He gotta girl back in Newark, but she's got a thing with the coke, and she ain't been keeping up like she was no more. He's a soldier now, but he gots plans to be the boss some day. Wanna start a new family... The Pestos, and they gunna have the best lasagna, hands down. Don't gotta be italian to be a mobsta, Jimmy got respect for all kinda creeds. All he's wanting is a chance at being the big man. Pesto ziti is coming to the lucid city... badabing!

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