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Introducing myself....

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My name is Jessie Pinkmen,

            I grew up in San Andreas as an orphan and by the age of 16 found out that my parents left me on the streets for drugs. At this age is when I tried weed for the very first time and it was my go to drug until it wasn't taking away the pain of not being loved. And then at the age of 25 I moved to Vice City and started a new life and that is when things got really crazy. I met this guy named Vince and he introduced me to coke and that was the life for me.. I was able to stay up all night and party all day with the best of them, until one day I got arrested for boosting cars. Yes boosting cars. I was boosting the most high end cars to support my habit and got caught. I was released on house arrested till the court date but I have cut the ankle monitor off and have been on the run for 8 years now. I have found myself here in Los Santos with the choice to either make a new life with a new name or keep hiding and using the same name and doing the same crap that I have always done and that is use drugs and sell them while running with the most dangerous gangs around. Until I become the biggest drug lord around and can't be touched.

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