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Brian Atkinson

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Age: 27
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Brian grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. His father was a successful construction company owner, and his mother was the department head of Human Services of Larimer County. He lived a comfortable life growing up, sticking to a small group of what would turn out to be lifelong friends, and staying mostly to himself at school. Despite his kind and unassuming demeanor, he was picked on quite a lot in middle and high school for a variety of different reasons. This lead to him clamming up and withdrawing. He spent most of his free time alone or hanging out with a friend or two, even into senior year of high school. He became a bit of an awkward kid, who struggled to make friends, and to communicate effectively to get his needs met.
When Brian was 17, he and his best friend were driving back to FoCo from a Macklemore concert in Denver when the car was involved in a collision with an F-150 doing 80 miles an hour. The driver of the truck later turned out to be black out drunk. Brian was severely injured in the ordeal, suffering bilateral femur fractures, and fractures to his T7 and T8 vertebrates, as well as other trauma. His friend unfortunately died on the scene. The main thing that Brian remembered about the scene and the incident were how kind, caring, and frankly badass the EMTs, Medics, and Firefighters that showed up to the scene were.
After almost a year of recovery and physical therapy, Brian went back to high school, and finished his diploma with a 3.7 GPA despite what happened. Inspired by his memories of his accident, Brian immediately enrolled in an EMT-B course at Denver Health, and graduated at the top of his class. He then launched straight into a career with Northglenn ambulance, working as the EMT partner to a season paramedic. The paramedic, Will McElroy, had actually been on the scene of Brian's crash, and remembered it well. Since Brian's father was more or less absent in his life due to his work, Will quickly became something of a father figure to Brian. Will taught him a lot about the Wild West of EMS, as well as life in general. Brian worked with Northglenn and Will for the next 8 years.
After a bad breakup with his boyfriend of 5 years, Brian decided he wanted a change of scenery and pace. After a rough call with Will (multiple fatality MVA), they had a long talk, and Brian decided on taking a risk. The next day, he quit his job with Northglenn, sold his modest one bedroom house, packed up all his worldly belongings into his Subaru Outback, and headed for Los Santos. It's time for a new start in a new city.


Character References:


IMG Models Brands Big And Tall Guys As 'Brawn' - AskMen

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