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Why Lucid is not the same anymore (My personal experience)

Trae Young

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(Before I even start saying anything I just want to make this clear that this is just a awareness post and I want to speak on behalf my self and A lot of other players on Lucid City. In terms of credibly I would like to first state that prior to leaving Lucid City I was a very active role player and was familiar with the city and everyone as a whole.)         

Now with that clarification made I would like to address all the issues with Lucid City and I will also address some good things about Lucid because you cant  be completely bias because at the end of the day we all had out good times on the server and have created a lot of memories. When Lucid city originally went public  I believe we can all agree we had the time of our lives and really enjoyed playing the game. A couple months later the game slowly started to not feel the same and the reason behind this is because A lot of the main characters in the game were issued bans that lasted way too long which encouraged other players to stop playing the game and if you take a look on who would issue all of these long bans it would 90% of the time be the new moderators. Now see I personally don't understand the satisfaction that these moderators get from banning someone for such a long period of time for the smallest things that could of been handled 100% way differently and the issues would not escalate like the way they did. I have been falsely banned multiple times and have been waiting for a moderator to clear up the false bans and only the false bans but they failed to do so. Now the consequences that I had to go thru because of this issue have been awful for example (I didn't want to bring up names but unfortunately as this point I feel like I have too)  When I would be in any admin sit I would always be judged off my FALSE past infractions. I also submitted a total of 5 PD applications and all of them got denied and I only received a reason behind the deny 2/5 times. I have also asked multiple high ranking officers as well as other administrators as well as moderates and they claimed "I don't know why you got denied this is a solid application" . Now I have tried to talk to chin0 about why he denied the applications and he continued to ignore me and he tried to avoid me. I was later told by other moderators that its because of my FALSE bans. Speaking about bans I think we can all agree that some Lucid City mods take moderating a public server way to serious for example TJ....  This particular moderator has banned over 6 of my friends and has interrupted multiple role play scenes before they can even be finished (I am not going to escalate this topic because I don't have video evidence). Lucid is also not the same because before even performing any role play scene people have getting banned in the back of their heads all the time and 80% of role play scenes end up being a admin sit because most people have no intent to roleplay and when my scenes get ruined by multiple administrators, moderators and just players in general I never even want to make it a admin sit  because of my false bans that I will be judged off of, The amount of time it takes to even get a admin to help you is ridiculous and when you do eventually get a admin they will let the person off with a warning or let the scene play out  but for what? a Pistol? Now see I have had way more problems with lucid but I just wanted to address the main issues so hopefully the future Lucid City  is better than what it is now I have spent way to much time and money on Lucid and I hate to see the current state it is in because this really was the game that I really enjoyed playin with my friends.


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I wasn’t a member of staff when all of these was happening but it does seem highly unlikely that you were banned multiple times, 6 of your friends have been banned and it was all for False reasons? The good or bad moderators are the time would have still needed a reason to ban you,


I’m afraid the PD may not have wanted someone that has received multiple bans and all their friends had been banned and still fails to see any issue with what they done. 

Again I don’t want to really get involved in any of the issues but you also mentioned that the Admins always turn up to every RP scene you’re playing out and then also mention they’re impossible to get hold of when you need them. This is kind of going against yourself here.


im really sorry you feel like you need to leave because of this but the Admin and Moderator team are hiring a lot of new helpers which might make contacting staff much easier for everyone, maybe give the server a few weeks and come bank and see what you think? 

Have a good time away if you decide to come back pal.

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I don't think you understand what I wrote you said "I don’t want to really get involved in any of the issues but you also mentioned that the Admins always turn up to every RP scene you’re playing out and then also mention they’re impossible to get hold of when you need them. This is kind of going against yourself here." well for starters if you don't want to get involved please stay away from replying. I don't understand how people not fearing for their lives and breaking character is my fault. Once again I said I was falsely banned not my friends. My friends did get bans that where perm bans and were promised by TJ that if they were to make a public form and apologize for their actions they would get unbanned but not on their main characters after apologizing  not before AFTER apologizing he said he cant do what he promised. I didn't say anything about me "not seeing the issue" what so ever. I got banned for selling a "registered crypto stick" When 1. I wasn't supposed to get banned for it. 2. It was a trade not a sale. 3. I don't understand how a black market item can be registered under someone's named 4.At the time no one knew anything about crypto sticks and admins and moderators didn't say anything about them.

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I understand that you are upset your friends are banned. But making such a bold statement, saying that lucid has changed because your friends got banned and you got denied to PD isn't really credible. This is you being upset masquerading it as something it is not. This isn't about a server that is no longer the same, what ever that means. We're still a new server.. We're always evolving and doing the best we can to create a safe and fun RP environment for everybody. If your friends did not agree with that and got banned I am sorry you feel that way. But saying "Lucid has changed" And that you speak for everyone else is strange. It all boils down to you being upset your friends are banned and you got denied for PD. 

I really hope you do enjoy the next community you decide to be a part of. This is not the section for personal complaints. Regardless of what misleading title you may want to put on the thread. I am locking this thread to avoid pointless arguing.

I really do wish you the best and I am sorry if you feel we failed you. 



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