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Manny "Drop-A-Dot" Tomatillo

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"Born and raised by an absentee father and a drug addicted mother. At 5, he was allegedly attempting to join a local gang in the area leading to the first of many arrests. Manny would have various run-ins with the law, but never encountered any serious trouble or time. When he was 16 he decided to leave home and enter fully into the street lifestyle. With a goal of becoming a rapper, mogul and millionaire. He always had a large appetite for both food and money. He was known for sending his location to persons he did not like challenging them, leading to his close friends giving him the nickname "Drop-A-Dot." Manny is an alleged gang member and is prone to sudden violent outburts. He absconded on parole after a robbery gone wrong and has not been seen since"


That's what some will say about me. But Lucid is a new start. A new beginning. A city of opportunity. I belong to these streets, and one day, they'll belong to me.

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