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Kristof Pohodnev

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An eastern European leaving his home from an economic crisis. Lived kinda a rough life, his parents were somewhat poor, the food wasn't a problem but the parents loved to drink a lot and most of the family budget went to cheap vodka. It specially in national holidays, those consisted with a lot of drinking. They weren't violent or anything, they were actually very kind, the type that would welcome a stranger to share a drink and tell stories. Because of it Kristof learned to drink at a very young age.
The early childhood was completely free from any oversight. Running around doing what he wanted, going home for food and sleep. Just doing hooligan things with his buddies getting in trouble for some stupid things, like stealing ice cream from local stores, jumping over fences into private properties etc. At the time of school, he skipped as much classes as he could to not get in trouble and passing every test by cheating after all, it was the type of a school where the teachers didn't cared if you cheated in tests you couldn't fail the semeter even if you wanted, the teachers would give you the minimum grade for passing, just to not have a summer time work.
After the school he spent most of his time working various lower earning jobs from construction to taxi. but most of the free time was spent getting drunk till he passed out.
And that's how his life passed till age of 32. He's not very smart person but he got by... Until the economy collapsed and he was forced to leave his country. And opportunity arise to find a new life in a new country when both countries signed a visa free traveling deal for working people to import cheap labor. 
He doesn't have strengths and weaknesses. Just an a middle aged looser whos looking for shitty job just to survive. Decent health if you don't think about what his liver has gone through and his face looks like a long time drunkard. But other than that, he's fine.

His aims is to continue doing what he always did, but you know the saying, we are product of our environment, maybe Kristof will change when he meets new people and find new interests.
Never shot a gun though. Haven't even touched one, maybe glanced at one or two in his lifetime of having a chat with police. 

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