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Richter Tanners

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Spending most of his childhood moving from one place to another, Richter never adapted to forming attachments to people or places. His Mother died when he was young, and his Father never liked talking about it. Unsure of what to do with himself after her death, Richter's dad uprooted from their hometown and took him around the country, spending as much time as he could with his son while working Odd Jobs to provide for them. 

When he became an adult he found it hard to leave the lifestyle and spent his time always going from place to place, finding work wherever he could, promising himself that one day he'd be able to take care of his dad in return for the time they had together. Before he could though, his dad fell ill and eventually passed, leaving Richter alone in the world. 

Struck by the loss, he decided that he would find somewhere to call home, Permanently, and build himself a new life. Hearing about Lucid City, he made his way there and now wanders the streets looking for work until he can firmly plant his feet in the soil.

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