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Aydean Cael

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Aydean Cael was born and raised in TN, by an Irish immigrant mother, before he went off and enlisted into the Marines. There, he started in the 02 field as an intelligence analyst before going off to join MARSOC as soon as he picked up Cpl. Who would then serve a total of 8 years before getting his DD214. His mother was murdered in cold blood while he was overseas, which left him completely alone, and the funeral leaving him almost broke.

Now, all alone with only the clothes on his back, he made his way to Lucid City for hopes of starting a new life. He starts out by doing odd jobs around the city to make his way through the days but he hopes to one day get accepted into the police academy and make his way to detective. He wants more then anything to find his mother's murderer, and bring him to justice...

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