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Christopher Steele Introduction

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Chris is a mechanic at heart, having been working on cars since the age of 13 with his father in Liberty City in the garage. He always found it to be peaceful so its how he occupied his time. but unfortunately tragedy struck at the age of 23 where his father was killed in a DUI car crash. after that Chris basically just went completely silent for awhile, he wasnt answering calls or texts as he tried to scrape together the funds to help with funeral expenses as his father didnt have insurance. on one night as he was getting some cash from an ATM that was wired to him, a friend of his father approached him and handed him a sealed manila folder, said nothing and walked away. Chris curiously opened it to find a bit of cash, a letter and a plane ticket. he looked down to the letter to read it.


"Dear Christopher,

We havent met, but you can call me David. im an old friend of your fathers and heard what happened. included in this envelope is a little bit of cash to help ease the stress of your fathers expenses. i owed him some cash from some old races we used to run back in the day.. but listen, you could go for a vacation yea? maybe a little trip to a fresh location to start fresh and make some money. a mutual friend of me and your fathers been in this area here for awhile. might be worth checking out, or not. its up to you bud, but do take care of yourself. ill be in touch when its neccesary"


Chris moved the letter out of the way to examine the plane ticket, it had his name on it and a fly out date. a one way ticket. Either way Chris smiled softly, a opportunity to start over sounded like a weight off his shoulders, he headed back to his fathers house to pack a bag of his belonging before heading to the airport, where Chris's newest adventure awaited him.

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