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Wren Rivers

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Hi! I am Wren Rivers, and if I were still alive, I would be 20 years of age. The psychics at the mental hospital I was in said I should move to a new city, so here I am! They are hoping I can live a more stable afterlife here. Of course, how would a ghost be able to type all this out and post it online, you may ask? Easy, I am having one of my favourite psychics, Sherry, post it online for me! I can't wait to see all of you there!

P.S. Hi, this is a side note from Sherry. Wren is very much so alive. She just...doesn't think she is. Please be patient with her. Anyone who interacts with her, she considers to be a psychic medium. She also does not care much for her well being. I'm hoping this new city will help her adjust to the fact that she is alive. I wish good luck to anyone who crosses her path.

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