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Jhin Sett

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A young man having recently lost his mother, the one person on this cruel earth that seemed to never turn her back on him, regardless of how badly he's doing, or how wrong he is, she blessed his dark world with the light of unconditional love. Left with nothing but his abusive father that hardly acknowledged his existence, save for when he was beating the troubles of his own life away into Jhin's face, the young man decides to follow the wind and search for a new life, in a new place, filled with many-a-new faces. After a few weeks of wandering, he finds himself drawn to the enticing "Lucid City". But as he enters the city, his hopes for a better life are suddenly challenged by the haunting call of his past and everything in it. Drugs, crime, and regret come flooding back to him in an instant. He shakes his head, attempting to shut out the calls from the black abyss that is his very own mind. Unsure of how his future will turn out, and to be quite honest, not too worried which path it ultimately leads to, a calm washes over him and he takes newly energized steps deeper into the city. 

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