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Bleu Jetson


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Bleu Jetson here. My momma always told me I never been anything special or something to brag about but I've always thought different. Since a youngin growing up in the ghetto of Compton California I've done anything and everything to make a quick dollar and stay afloat. Being poor and from a gang infested neighborhood I had to learn how to stand up for myself and be the man of the house at a young age due to my father, JJ Jetson, receiving a life sentence for double homicide when I was only 2 years of age. Having to grow up at such a young age, I never really got to experience any sort of childhood. Because of that, one of my biggest goals in life is to be a role model father when the time presents itself. I decided to move to Lucid City when my mother decided to run off with Jackie G, the neighborhood pimp. That upset me so much that I knew I couldn't stay in the same home that reminded me of my mother and the woman she became. So I packed a small bag of whatever clothes I could, took the last 200$ out of my savings and caught a bus to Lucid City. On the way I met a man named Jhin Sett that was leaving his home town because his mother had passed away and he was experiencing some of the same setbacks I was. After the long bus ride to Lucid City we formed a tight bond that seems unbreakable. This friendship could make me or break me. Either way, I'm going to get mine under any circumstances.

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