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Hendryx Gray

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Hendryx Gray is a 22 year old student that grew up in a small country town with the dream to become a doctor! He is working his hardest to become more than everyone in his small town ever thought he would be, even his drug-addicted parents. He loves engaging in altruistic behavior and helping those in need no matter what their circumstances are. He is confident in his abilities to help people and will not take no for an answer when it comes to chasing his dreams. Hendryx has a weak spot for those in need so this makes him pretty easy to manipulate for a short period of time, but do not take his kindness for weakness because he will figure out what you're up to eventually. He will just work even harder and try again when faced with defeat. He is ready to get started in the big city so he can pay his dues and work his hardest to make it to his final destination. 

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