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Christine King

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Hi everyone, 

 My name is Christine King, I am 26 years old and looking to move into the big city finally! A few little facts about me are that my favorite animal is the Elephant and I love the color purple. I listen to a bit of everything but certainly enjoy old school rock music. As for my family dynamic I have my parents and a younger brother named Des Mones King, though we've grown up some time together, our bond was cut short as my parents separated when I was ten years old. While they remained cordial, Des Mones went with my mother, while I stayed with my dad. My father pushed me to study hard and to always strive to be the best in what I do, thus I carry that in my everyday life.  I have no children, and moving into the city looking for a job in the legal system as I have recently graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice.

I haven't seen Des Mones in years, but since I heard of him moving to Lucid City, I have felt the need to reconnect with my younger brother. We have missed out on birthdays and holidays together and I hope to find him in this big city and make up for time lost.

Anyway, thanks for taking time to read my letter to you all, I hope to meet everyone and make new friends!


Christine King 

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