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Des Mones King

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Hello everyone of Lucid City,

My name is Des Mones King, I recently turned 24 this year, I'm from Houston, Texas. Although, I've grown up in a city already, I want a new breathe of fresh air, plus, I'm finally out on my own, after my mom and therapist gave me the clear to do so, which I can explain later. Some small little things about me, I'm an artist that's won a few contest in my area and I love Shoebills, even though many people are afraid of them. I have a older sister, Christine King, we've been separated for about 16 years now. Our parents divorced way back when and luckily I was stuck with my mom.. she took care of me in the best way she could. Supported me in getting into college for my IT degree even if she wanted me to go the artistic route and I might've switched my degree 4 times in the process.. she raised the kid right, well as much as she could have, that is till she put us in therapy--why does he get to do all the talking, I want to have my spot light. 

Oh, he didn't get the chance to talk about us yet, huh? Well, the name is Jay, I'm one of the kid's multiple personalities, which is why he goes to therapy, well till one of decided it'd be a good idea to make the doc allow us to leave (me). I'm 35 years old, I've been with him for, I don't know, 9 years now and I've slowly learned to actually listen to the kid but, that doesn't mean all the time. Whereas before, it was free-rain to do whatever I please, cheat, start fights, and anything I desire. But, sometimes it can get cocked-blocked by his other dimwitted personalities ruining the fun. Chile, who the hell are you calling a dimwit

Sorry baby where's my manners, I should introduce myself, my names Augustine baby, some say August for short, I'm 78 years old and still lookin' fine baby. I've been taking care of these boys for awhile now, been a handful at that, especially that Jay fella, "I heard that", oh honey I planned on it. Back to my point, it's been mighty hard on this boy's motha' and hopefully by us going to the big city we don't have to worry about stressin' her mind out any longa. Yet, I overheard from the boy's motha his sister might be in town too, we'll have to find her some time and catch up. Hopefully, that's worthless man of a father ain't joining her, so we can try to rekindle a bond. I really hope we can make it out there, especially with that boy Percy here too, lord help us all from the stupid stunts that boy has put us through. What do you mean, it hasn't been that bad, has it? 

PERCY is the name, "Chile I swear if you say dangerous is the game, me and jay personality will keep ya tail from seeing the city", alright, alright, geez no need to get your panties in a bundle. I'm 21 years old or from what I remember, those guys are just overreacting, "Kid, you literally picked up a pot of spaghetti with your bare hands and got us sent to hospital for burns all over our hands, so no we're not overreacting, especially after your slingshot idea that almost cost us having kids in the futu--" hey, hey, it was for an idea I seen on reddit, okay? Maybe I'm a bit reckless or slightly clumsy "that's an understatement" Des Mones, this is my introduction, let me finish! As I was saying, hopefully coming to the city will give me more opportunities to try out some ideas I have and not get regulated by the group and Des's mom.

Ugh, well, you found out why I went to therapy and how I got out, I just hope to start a new and hopefully not get into, too much trouble due to these guys and maybe make some friends too! "Why does the kid have to try to act innocent, he's done some stuff too" , "Chile we know but, he doesn't, so let's keep it that way", " Why are we you guys whispering can't he hear--","PERCY!" 

From all of us, we'd like to thank you for reading our letter and we'll see you soon in the city!


Des Mones, Jay, Augustine and Percy 

Guys why did I have to be last? " DAMMIT PERCY SHUT UP".


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