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Veronica "Vero" Alessi Callum

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Veronica Alessi Callum was born in the Caserma Ederle military complex in Vicenza, Italy. Her father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and her mother, the typical housewife. Being an Army brat was tough on Vero as she grew up, her mother decided instead of sending her to school with the other children that Vero would do better being homeschooled. Vero didn’t mind homeschooling much seeing as they moved from duty station to duty station so often, she could never make friends or be considered a “local”.

She was 16 when her father finally retired and they moved back to the United States. San Jose, California was a dream compared to always moving. Vero learned how to surf, and finally enrolled in an actual school. Upon graduation she decided to attend San Jose State University and double major in Political Science and History and a minor in Economics. Vero was slated to go to Stanford for Law school but the car accident stopped that aspiration.

Vero took the death of her parents hard, she lost the basic drive to do anything but sit in the empty house and cry. One year after their death Vero decided she needed to move and sold her “childhood” home and moved into the city. She doesn’t know what this new life will afford her but she knows it was a needed move and a new beginning.

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