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Kyre Sebastian "Squidge" Miles (He/They)

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Born and raised back east, Kyre had a rough early childhood with an absent father and an apathetic mother. Eventually both abandoned them and they were sent to live with their aunt Darla, who coddled him excessively to try to mend the damage that had been done, only to exacerbate issues they had fitting in with other children or gaining valuable life experiences. He was bullied by classmates with one notable incident leading him to earn the nickname "Squidge" which has stuck with them for years. At first he hated it, but now he embraces it and it's usually what he introduces himself as. Good with computers and can pack food away like the best of competitive eaters. Rather resourceful and clever, but with an abundance of naivety and self-absorption, though not with malicious intent. Can be extremely oblivious, and will often need things spelled out for them concisely. Can be selfish, but is more than willing to share when things are going good or when he just feels like being nice. Sensitive, and feels emotions very strongly, very empathetic. Loyal to a fault.

They find themself all alone in Lucid City, on his own for the first time after their aunt's passing. She left him just enough money to escape his hometown and start over, as stipulated in her will after having realized the disservice she had done him by sheltering them from as much hardship as she could. He's lost, and overwhelmed, and just trying to figure out what comes next, ready and willing to cling to the first person who shows them kindness. Here's hoping he meets some friendly faces.

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