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I have been banned for one month by Pitzo for 'Metagaming' 
It wont let me post in the ban-appeals topic section for some reason so I have no other choice but to use general, sorry in advance. 

The scenario

-guy randomly kills my friend who is being friendly to him and making small talk
-guy then proceeds to blackmail my friend, saying he will only let him be revived if he gives up his whole inventory (he's already dead at this point so not only is this behavior extremely toxic but it's completely immersion breaking and isn't using the robbery function
-guy stays over my friends body for 20+ minutes going afk and holding onto it so nobody else can take it (extremely immersion breaking and toxic)
-I call 911 - no response
-I tell a friend (in game chat) to get a car and run him over and that we will dump his body in the ocean
-friend runs over toxic guy and kills him (who is still afk holding my friends body)
-take toxic guy out to the ocean and dump his body

And we get banned for "Metagaming"? I assume this is because we did not talk to him much after we killed him (besides telling him to be quiet in the car and that he is toxic and he'll find out soon enough where he's going) So from his perspective I dumped toxic guys body in the ocean in relative silence. NOTHING was planned outside of the server. 

This is clearly a misunderstanding driven by a toxic player who is upset that he got out done. If you want more players like that on the server then by all means I wont return, but I don't think you guys are trying to have those kinds of players as your main player base. The selective enforcement of rules is also something to note; he can go around the robbery/hostage function, go afk for 20+ minutes holding onto a dead body but we get banned for roleplaying a mafia hit and dump? And we do it so effectively that you actually think we're discussing important plans outside of game chat. I'll take that as a complement.

The ban is only for 1 month but on principle I think it's right for the mods to hear our side of the story. Naturally, knowing how asymmetrically the rules would be enforced in this server, we will not be returning after the ban ends if it is not at least appealed as the image of this server to us would be stained. 


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2 hours ago, Nneemo said:

Proof that I can't post in the ban appeals section. It's blacked out and wont let us click on it. 


That’s not how you post in ban appeals. Go onto the main forum page and click open ban appeal 

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