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Jin Abernathy


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Hello, my name is Jin Abernathy and I've arrived in the city only a few days ago. I've decided to come life the rest of my life in this lovely area after finally giving up the quiet life I had living in my parents basement.

I grew up in a family of farmers, however the down and dirty work life was not for me, I much preferred solving technical problems and working in IT after college. Though my family was not too keen on the idea of their son not helping the family business, so I was offered the choice to move out or give up everything I enjoyed and assist with the farm. The choice was obvious, so I came to Lucid in hopes of starting a new story, one that is about my life without my family's involvement. It will be a rough start, having to live with the clothes on my back and what money I could scrounge up after buying my ticket, but I am hoping I've made the right choice as it felt like it was the only choice to make. 

It's a pleasure to meet you all, even if it means I'm on the receiving end of a barrel.

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