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Milo Coburn character intro

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Milo Coburn, 27, they/he, no nicknames currently


Moving into the city from the PNW, Milo is ready to start their life anew. They have struggled for many years to find consistent proper employment, but have somehow not allowed it to ruin his positivity. Not having many friends back home, Milo is ready to meet new people. Milo has high anxiety and it can at times get in the way of making connections with others, but if someone gives him the chance they will talk the night away. Milo is very private about their life and will tend to reveal information about their past through jokes and passing stories. 

Milo can at times be on the gullible side and can at times struggle to tell if someone is joking with them. He can be a very trusting person - sometimes to the detriment of their wellbeing. His trust goes so deep - if you ever make a pinky promise with Milo and break it, the chances of forgivness are slim to none. Milo also considers himself to be a very polite person and strives to say 'please' and 'thank you' to other characters. 

They are searching for jobs and/or trades to make money to get buy - however, Milo has a secret passion for music and hopes to dip their toes into it someday. He continues to struggle to learn the guitar but their passion for music keeps them at it. Until then, Milo will continue to do what they need to do to get to the end of the day. Milo hates the police and the government in general and would rather not deal with them as much as possible. They will insist they are not a conspiracy theorist, but that's up for other characters to decide. 


(i hope this isn't too long or too much info lol most here is written down for myself so i can remember later on)

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