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Luke Wilcox


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Luke Wilcox is a 20-year-old former longshoreman who enjoys wake-boarding, video games and smoking weed. He is relaxed and easy-going, but can also be very manipulative and a bit selfish.

Luke was raised in "the system", bouncing from foster family to group home for the first 18 years of his life. He never knew his family and was put up for adoption as a baby; the only family Luke has ever known was the constantly rotating cast of social workers and other "unwanteds".

After turning 18 and finally being legally able to drop out of school, he skipped town to become an offshore fisherman with a few of the kids in his group home. It seemed like a great idea at the time. The pay was great, and while the job was soul-sucking work; at least he wasn't stuck in a shitty foster home being forced to go to classes he didn't care about anymore.

Unfortunately, along with his new-found freedom and wealth, Luke developed a serious drug problem and could only maintain the façade of normalcy for so long…

While stopping in the city to pick up supplies before a long offshore trip, Luke has a confrontation with his manager over pay. In a drug-induced rage Luke attacks him, breaking his nose. The captain sees this happen from the berth and fires him on the spot; he's left on the docks with only the clothes on his back and a wad of cash in his pocket.

Luke, without a family to rely on and no real home, decides to make the best of his situation and start fresh…

This time he can hopefully avoid the temptations (drugs, money, women) that led him to his present circumstances and maybe, just maybe… become a functioning member of society.

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