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Hello, I'm Jbb;

I typically go by Je or Houdinji, but I decided to switch it up for this forum.  I'm a young adult with a lot of writing roleplay experience (On the Saints Row Forum, as well as Naruto and One Piece related RP subreddits.) I've got a handful of DND sessions under my belt for voice RP to draw from so I think I'll be able to adapt quickly. 

I'm excited to play a form of GTA online that doesn't involve random killings and unrealistic vehicles with insane weaponry.  I'm also interested in creating a Character with a personality and set of morals, but no set career path or aspirations beyond survival.  My goal is to organically develop a person through in-character experiences; and forge a path unknown to me today.

I look forwaard to meeting anyone and everyone in Los Santos.

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