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[ Application For Visa: Blake / Numen | Form & Statement ]

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  • Recorded & Received Forms Arrival Terminal

Form: <attachment002.png>

Applicant Name: Blake Numen

Age: 2<?>

Citizenship: American*

Status: Impoverished

Stability: Common-place

Recorded Caption From Arrival Interviewer Investigation:

"...okay, okay what is this!? A guy fly's into a new city and you push him into a closet with this hot sweaty guy to show San Andrea's finest?..."

"... NO those charges were dropped and I was never even put on the stand. <pause> Look, I'm just spreading my wings here, lot's I hea..."

"...I'll take one of those. <applicant takes a cigarette from interviewer> So how you making it in this city? I will get you pl..."

"...<laughter in recording room> Alright, you seem like a pretty alright guy, and you can just call me Blake, nobody calls me Numen. Look you don't need to worry about me, if my past of where I came from has taught me is to lay low if you can't foot the bill or run. <applicant laughs alone> Take my car.. uh here write my number, I'm telling you after a few months in the city I guarantee you I can get you out that spot. I'll even call you if I get my license renewed for my wings. <both parties stand to exit room> So uh yeah, do you know where I can get some clothes? Damn airlines must have lost my stuff, because I..."

<end of recording>

OOC Intro Below

Hi I'm Freedom o/

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You thought there would be more didn't you??

Applicant too much +1 IMO but I was bored kek


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