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Introduction - Marco Denali


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Marco Denali

Father, Brother, Husband, Patriot

After serving 5 years with the Marine Corps I have returned home to Lucid City, only to find that everything has changed. The sidewalks once filled with pleasant people waving at each other have been replaced by drug addicts and thugs alike looking for their next score. My beautiful wife Lenyse and 3 year old son fell as victims to the continued gun violence within the city and since then I have re-dedicated my life to serving my community. I now find myself not only fighting to stay alive on the ever more dangerous streets, but fighting to stay sane as my PTSD creeps up slowly with every passing second. Only time will tell how I'll end up, here's hoping for the best. 

Some of my goals:

I'd like to make new friends in the city and protect them to the best of my ability. I'd also like to find a consistent job that I enjoy to help me adjust to my new life, maybe something along the lines of a security guard or serving with the SASP.

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