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introduction: my name is Cot Slipn

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 my name is, Cot Slipn.

I come from the high hills of the Grand Senora desert. I was born in a half buried bus to only be ripped from my parent in a brushfire. ever since I can remember, I was alone wandering the wastelands of the desert finding shelter and water, hunting any wildlife I saw with traps and primitive tools. furnishing myself with armor to protect myself from the harsh environment. ever since the great tsunami that flooded my camp I spend my days abandoned, driving the highways alone, scouring the lands for resources and water, trying to build my own family, whether its from pieces of trash I find in the dumpsters tied together to make life sized dolls or actual humans.  

its very different living here in the city, fast paced, high traffic, and new faces. smiling, taunting. its a whole different kind of dangerous here, and I like it. 


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