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Kenneth Masterson's Introduction.


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Heyo there, Lucid City!  Name's Kenneth Masterson, but I prefer being called Ken.  I'm a guy who loves fast cars, nature walks, fruity drinks, and nights filled to the brim with excitement and pleasure.  I came here from the midwest when I heard that Los Santos has some KILLER streets for burning rubber on.  Had to sell my old car just to afford coming here, but when opportunity knocks, you gotta let it in, you know?

Dream as big as you want.  Some old dude with the shadiest shades you've ever seen gave me that advice on the ride here.  He said opportunity comes in all forms in this city, be it honest or "honestly dishonest".  Hell, if it's what can get me behind the wheel for one of my 'nature walks' then I'll be as dishonest as I need to be.  No price is too steep for a joyride at night, or even a race.  If anyone's lookin' for a driver to uhh... get some things moving... then keep an eye out for good ol' Ken, okay?  I'm twenty-six years young and I take pride in being able to swerve my way through the streets and backwoods.

If you need someone to do some things for some quick bucks, hit me up, so long as it gets me a car, a fast one, aight?  Peace!


- K. M.

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