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A Brief Background of Mr. A. Rosenfarb


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(Name may be changed to "Ari" in future)

-Stalwart and somewhat bull-headed
-protects those who reciprocate loyalty, respect, honor
-system of honor 
    (certain crimes are indefensible to him, respect is important, etc)
-Shows a fun side, loose-cannon, around those he's close to

Background: Born in Israel to a(n), obviously, Jewish mother, little Artie grew up on the
rough streets of Tel Aviv in the early 1990s. This is where he learned the importance of honor
and integrity among your peers. Artie's father was not 'ethnically', nor religiously, Jewish. 
So, eventually he had no choice but to move back to 'the States' and bring his wife and child along.

(Artie's father's background prior to moving to Israel; Liberty City)
Being an intelligent man with a strong working-class background he got along well with the local
labor unions and their 'influencers' (those influences working behind the scenes) and eventually
went to law school and joined a strong 'union supported' law firm to learn the ropes, 
first as a paralegal then later an attorney; getting his BAR is both Tel Aviv and Liberty City,
respectively. Earning a name for himself before moving to Tel Aviv, at his wife's wishes.
(To be closer to her family as her parents were nearing the end of their life journey.)

Artie spent his further formative years, coming of age rather early, in Liberty City. Artie
thrived here due to his upbringing in Israel, it prepared him well for the densely-populated,
urban-industrial, megalopolis that is/was Liberty City in the early-2000s. Here he saw many of his
school friends and classmates fall victim to a(n), sometimes/partially, unjust justice system of
a semi-police state. (No doubt if he'd have spent the same years back in Tel Aviv he would have 
experienced a very similar situation.) This is where Artie saw the importance of a mediating voice
between those in power and those in their steely grasp; not just from hanging around his father.
Feeling betrayed by the realization of the system he thought was meant to protect people being 
used as a tool to destroy lives, he began shadowing his father and absorbing all he could.
Inevitably attending law school himself and obtaining a degree. He followed a similar path to his
father as he saw it as a formula for success. He became a paralegal at the firm his father worked at
then later at his father's firm (Rosenfarb & Associates), where he returned to law school and 
earned his BAR certification, subsequently. This is where he worked for just over a decade.
His father offered him a partnership at Rosenfarb & Associates, however the catch was he must
first help his father expand their firm into Los Santos (Lucid City) and establish themselves there.

Legal Philosophy:
contrary to what most might believe,
Mr. Rosenfarb's goal isn't necessarily
to keep criminals out of jail, rather that
his clients be treated with dignity and respect,
with regards to the constitution and law, rather than
like numbers, systemically, in a machine.

"Can't win'em all, but that don't mean I won't fuckin' try!"

Although some officers see him as an enemy, nuisance, what-have-you, there are
others who understand that Mr. Rosenfarb is far from their enemy; and seeks to 
bridge the divide between the disconnect of law-abiding citizens from 'civilized' society
and those whose only goal is to enforce that boundary.

To this end, it is the primary reason that Mr. Rosenfarb specializes in sentence reduction and 
expungement of records. Understanding that the criminal process/justice system is meant as a
tool for an individual's rehabilitation and reintegration into 'civilized society' 
rather than a soul-crushing force of punishment. 

To establish himself with 'smart clients' and earn a place within the city and it's culture.

Edited by A.Rosenfarb
(Changed "is" to "his" to fix a typo)
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