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Hey, you can call me Sarah.


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I've been in the states for 10 years now. My parents moved us here from London. It was a little difficult at first when everyone made fun of how I spoke. Though that accent of mine's gone quite a bit now that I've been in America for awhile. However, it's still obvious that I wasn't born here. My father passed a year after I graduated high school and my mum never really got past it. It took awhile but she ended up passing away about a year ago now.


Sucks, I've always had trouble settling down and finding a real good career. I went to beauty school but I spent the last three years trying to be a makeup artist and that kind of fell through. Now that both of my parents are dead I've been struggling to make ends meet. There's some legal documents preventing me from receiving my inheritance and until that comes through I'm pretty much screwed. Either way, Sarah Relish. You can call me Sarah or Sar, or even Rel. I'm trying to find somewhere to work in the mean time. Going from everything to nothing nearly overnight was tragic. I've heard strippers make quite a bit of money but is that much better than working at a burger joint?

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