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Glad i never got caught...


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Was a long ride in the back of that truck, stunk like piss and drunks.. The isn't like what I seemed it to be through the day its a complete different world from mine, but by night its got a grimy underbelly in which I can relate too from back across that border, just need to get in contact with my relations up this way, hopefully they can get me sorted out. 

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That would be me introducing Gustavo to the big city of los Santos haha! But as for KiNGxiLLZ I’m a Scottish Gamer not new to RP but new to FiveM! I’ve got lots of hours under my belt in Arma life servers so I wanted to try something new like FiveM and see what the big craze is about! I just recently built my new pc the other night, hopefully be streaming and getting a few other socials up and running very soon, back on track and ready to meet new people and make a lot of friends along the way! 

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Gustavo sounds like he will be a very interesting character. We had someone just like him back in the day before the FIB ended up catching him.... Still looking for him to this day...................... RIP JOSE!!

Cant wait to run into Gustavo!!!! 

Welcome to lucid city!! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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