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Hey everyone, new guy here


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Hey, I'm new to rp, but I've been watching it on Twitch for a while and I decided I want to join in the fun, I think I'll really enjoy gtarp so I'll try my absolutely hardest not to break any rules or be a burden. Thanks for having me :) See you all in the city. 

Oh, but a question if I may. How exactly do I join the server? I joined the discord, but I don't think I'm a member because I can't see a general or any other channel I can talk in, and when I try to connect on FiveM it says I must have member role to connect. Oh and I already did the doublecounter bot verification.

So do I just wait a while to get member or am I doing something wrong? Sorry again if its not the right place to ask...


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1 minute ago, Habiits said:

So currently our verification bot is down. We appreciate your patience and cant wait to see you in the city.

We hope to see it back up soon. 

Welcome to lucid though!

Ah I see, no problemo.

Thanks for the welcome! Hope its back up soon haha. See you in the city tomorrow then haha :)

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29 minutes ago, GingerSnowflake said:

Welcome to Lucid City MysticBat! You'll love it here as long as you don't turn into a shitlord haha

Hopefully the bot will be working soon! See you in there!


Haha thank you, I'll definitely try not to be a shitlord when I'm in haha

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