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Hey, I am Hippolyta Jean


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The name is Hippolyta Jean, my friends call me Lyta, everyone else calls me Jean. I was born in 1991 and had a great-not-so-great family life, was raised by a strict single mother, absent father basic stuff. I wasn't the best at school, mainly because I barely attended and hung with a rough crowd, partying and getting into trouble. Then my sophomore year of high school I did something, some would say unforgivable to my neighbors house... but we don't have to get into that. Long story short, I was sent to military school and had to pretty much get straight. I tried to challenge the authorities that be, but that didn't last long. And in a short 3 years, I was enlisting in the United State Marine Corp. It was easy, I mean it wasn't it was grueling training, but everything was set for me. When to get up, when to eat, when to report for duty, when to and do PT, I actually experienced structure for once in my life. I spent 10 years serving and then good ole Uncle Sam threw me out into civilian life with a few pennies to my name. Find a job in the New England was hell, I hopped around doing odd jobs, some security hear and there for clubs and venues, but it felt like I was wasting away. I had a shitty apartment, a string of ex's, and a lot of pent aggression that could only be satisfied by the hours I spent at my local kick boxing gym. Well now, I need to find substance and just a fresh view of the world, and I don't know help people in some way.

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