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Jason Thompson

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Jason Thompson is a 24 year old that just finished college for nutrition, wanting to become a personal trainer that mixes the martial arts his father taught him when he was young. He is a bright young man that has the looks and the personality, but his inside is broken after his parents death, keeping it all inside. A great leader that tends to have a short temper at times.
    His move to Los Santos is meant to bring him a new start, be able to bring something new to the town and make himself known, carry the legacy of his father through his martial arts, but add something of his own to it. Wishing to become a personal trainer, Jason has all the social skills that he needs. Charming, funny, a great leader, Jason sadly gets easily bored and tends to have a short temper, especially when the boredom hits. He has different stages where he gets motivated to start a new hobby, but always drops it a couple of weeks in. 
    No matter how great he looks from the outside, once you see the mess that the death of his parents left, you need to be careful with it. He never lets out the pain that he has, never talking about his feelings, mostly focusing on others. Because of his loss, as an adult he tends to give 110% for the people he loves and holds dear, which could lead to stupid choices. Jumping in with the first idea he has, sometimes he doesn’t think twice about it. Fears being alone, reason why he tends to be surrounded by many people, but none of them know him as he knows them. What drives him forward is the memory of his parents, wanting to make them proud if they were still there. Be the son they would’ve wanted. Success and being liked. 

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