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Ace Diamond


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Name: Ace Diamond

Date of Birth: 08/26/1997

Bio: Born to a single mother in Vice City, Ace grew up just him and his mom barely scraping by living paycheck to paycheck. As Ace grew older he began to hustle to try and have his own source of income to get the things he wanted, so he started driving at the age of 13 and started delivering for the local pizza restaurant. Ace made just enough to help his mom and had enough to spend the rest on weed. After Ace graduated high school, he was preparing to go to college when his mother passed away. After his mother died Ace inherited their house and all the bills and debt his mother was in. Instead of going to college Ace got back on the hustle delivering pizzas to try and live comfortably, but that was not enough. After venting his frustration while picking up from his dealer, Ace was offered an opportunity to start selling weed to make some extra cash, and Ace jumped at an extra source of income. Ace lived comfortably selling the weed while delivering pizzas for years. On Ace’s 24th birthday, his house and the pizza restaurant were raided and Ace’s weed empire crumbled. Ace evaded the police and used the last of his cash to get a plane ticket for a fresh and clean new start in Los Santos.

Strengths: A hard worker who gives 100% effort into whatever he does and is always willing to learn and adapt to different situations and problems. Very smart with numbers, finances and spreadsheets.

Weaknesses: Meathead surfer bro who can be very stupid and lack common sense at times.

Goals: Find any way to earn money. Grow my reputation and build relationships with people. Grow, adapt, and better myself as an individual.

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