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Jurij Orlov - New In Town


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Hello Everyone!

Just arrived a few days ago to the city! Got to say there are quite some stuff to do here!

Just realized many people are wasting their precious Jewelry in dumpsters! I say that's a very good side income! Never encountered such an experience before :)
Oh well... Anyway... Came here to make some good money, and most of all, to make some new friends. 
Back in my country, there were no real friendships, no real connections with people. Always just killing each other for no reason... What a shame... 
I can't believe that many people don't have any other purpose in life, just killing and robbing others, and making zero conversations.


I like alcohol, I like the company of beautiful ladies, and I like making conversations about everything. 

Hey don't worry, I'm not a criminal, I only hearting bad people (if they heart me).
Excuse me for my lack of English, but don't worry I always carry my vocabulary with me :)

See you around!

PS: If you see me around town I always welcome some free drinks

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