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Olive McCreery


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I suppose I should introduce myself! I got overwhelmed when I first got into town and I almost forgot to bop back over here. Hello! My name is Olive, You can call me "O" for short.. if you need a shorter version. I'm happy, bubbly and spunky or so I'd like to think. I've got a weird sense of style but I'm probably one of the most open and honest people you'll meet. I've always worked with people and for people so if you need something just let me know! I'm always on that train of helping others. Maybe someone can lend me a helping hand as well? 😂 It's been a slow start since I've gotten in town but I think I'm getting the hang of how things work here. I'm excited to really get to know some people, and get my life goin'! 




Don't be afraid to find me and say hello! 

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