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Rex Rainer

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Rex is a man born in a small town with his one brother and his father, he is and always has been the protector of his family, he was raised to be respectful and truthful to heart even when it got him in trouble. To say best rex was not a rich or well-groomed kid he was a worker, always grinding and working to get what he needed, stubborn some might say, he never backed down and never took no for an answer unless he knew for sure it couldn't be done. Growing up for rex was one of the most interesting things for him to say the least, he never really had an interest in school but kept his grades at a minimum c to keep his dad off his back, his heart though, it was in cars all Rex thought about was engines and what he could put them in. At the age of 14 Rex put together his first go-cart, at 18 is first car, Women and  party's really weren't his thing he mostly kept to himself doing what he wanted, when he wanted, at 20 his father sent him to a Jr enforcement school where Rex learned discipline and police tactics and maneuvers. Rex enjoyed the learning experience and found his second calling in life, Law Enforcement, to protect those around him gave rex a sense of purpose, but he has found it difficult to blend and find a stable job, now Rex works part-time as a security officer in the city, again grinding at his goal and meeting new people as he goes. With a little hard work and time given he believes that he will accomplish his goals and further build himself as a person as he makes his way through the cruel thing called life in this city.

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