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Daniel Zanatos


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Age: 35

Height: 5'8"

DOB: 01/26/1986

Daniel comes from a broken home in Liberty City.  His father left when he was young and his mother worked 3 jobs to provide a decent life for him.  His mothers hard work paid off and he eventually became a promising 2nd year college student until the harshness of life would derail his plans.  Daniel left school after his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer doing what he could to make ends meets and pay her medical bills.  He found this a rather daunting task to do, at least through legitimate means.  He started running with a crew knocking over convenience stores and helping puch "product".  Inevitably his mother passed and he began to spiral involving himself more and more into Liberty City's criminal element.  His last job was a heist on the main branch of the Bank of Liberty, during which 2 security guards, 4 civilians and 3 police officers were killed.  The crew running the heist had set Daniel up as the fall guy pinning the entire thing on him.  With little other choice Daniel fled Liberty City and arrived in Lucid City hoping for a new start, but old habits die hard.

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