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Clyde Williams

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    Life had seemed too easy for Clyde, he was handed everything in life, coming from a rich family. With his family's inheritance Clyde was set for life, no need for a job, no need to make money. Clyde had a wife, Rebecca, and two kids, James and Richard. His kids were 4 and 7 when it all happened, when Clyde lost everything. You see, Clyde was kind of a snobby rich guy throughout his life and thought he was better than everyone else, he didn't worry about the unfortunate and frequently spent his money on useless things like gambling. One Friday afternoon Clyde had gone out gambling with his wife and was stupidly drunk, after winning repeatedly some mysterious person came to him with a simple but expensive gamble. If he could win a game of rock, paper, scissors, just 3 times out of 4 games then he would get Clyde's wife, if he lost well then, Clyde would get the briefcase next to him, containing the world's smallest watch! You see, Clyde didn't care about money since he had all of that he would ever need, instead Clyde was obsessed with rare things that had little to no value. With no surprise to Clyde, he won the game, got the watch, and returned home. When he arrived at his house there was a black tinted van outside but no one was in it. Clyde went in with his wife and found his 2 sons lying on the ground, dead. Then without another moment passing he was struck upon the head, rendered unconscious. Year's had passed since that moment, the killers were never found and Rebecca was never seen again. Clyde was blamed for his children's deaths and his wife's disappearance. He used his money to bribe the authorities to leave him alone and knew he could no longer trust the police or anyone else. Clyde had to start over with this knowledge, hating bad guys and the police, and this seemed like the place for him. Los Santos.

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