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Guy Desperado


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HELLO pyzons,

Guy Desperado flying in over here from upstate Las Ventarus to add some madness to the city. After a long hideaway back in Algonquin after a falling out with the Gambetti family, a betrayal by Vito Menotti ratting our organization out to the government and the death of Big Joe due to a bad deal with Niko Bellic. The Pavano Crime Family has been moving in silence and rebuilding from the inside. After overseering the families at the top seat of the commission - I am now just a retired business man and ex mobster looking to expand and influence great ideas with in Lucid City while I am here. I plan to study and take my bar exam to possibly get involved in a bit of law.


From a young age, Guy always aspired to be something great in a different way. But it was never easy. Since the age of 4 Guy has been abandoned due to his parents dying in a car crash. Growing up in a rough environment going from homeless shelter to foster car back to foster care, Guy eventually turned to the streets at the young age of 14. Doing miscellaneous crimes on and off, selling drugs, pety theft, anything to get by. It wasn't until Guy met a fellow named Andy "Cowboy" Bow in upstate Las Ventaurus during a 110 month prison stay for attempted murder on an LEO. While incarcerated Desperado and Bow planned a plot to take over the San Andreas state when they got out using whatever method's it would take. Upon release, Bow ran street deals with local gangs, and mafia families. While Guy would be spending time learning how to make guns. Cowboy and Desperado had a plan to control the gun market. But that wouldn't be easy with the best weapons being owned by MRPD..they needed a crooked cop... and they knew it...And that's just what they would do. After many devious interactions, drama filled intentions, and snakes in the grass. A captain by the name of Jordan Buford was at Auto Exotics one early morning before his shift and Guy approached him with a deal he couldn't refuse. That's when it all truly would begin for Guy Desperado. Now able to obtain Carbines, AR's, Mossbergs, and many other forms of weapons for decent prices, along with PD armors, it wasn't hard to expand from there. Guy and the Gambetti's hit their relationship off well at first, providing the Gambetti's with many PD carbines and other top tier weapons making them the most elite and feared family in the entire state of San Andreas...but like all good things, they must come to an ending. And exactly that's what happened. After a low level Gambetti soldier failed an attempted Assassination on a cop, he was immediatley cuffed and drug down to MRPD holding cells where he was searched and found with a police weapon. After being questioned of how he obtained it, he insided and folded and information made it back to Guy by the next morning..Criminal Investigation Division or CID was now starting to tail Guy and see what activities he was involved in when he wasn't running the pawn shop or at auto exotics with his collegaues...Guy needed to make a different move after his falling out with the Gambetti's so he saught to the Forelli family leader Vinny for help in exchange for top class weapons like with the Gambetti's. Everything between Guy and the Forelli's was great. Strong partnerships, even stronger business relations. Tons of money was flowing through the doors, everyone was living the great life.. then some gems came into place one day that turned up missing, they were highly rare, exclusive gems. A life invader was instantly called by the Godfather of the city at the time summoning the families and putting the gems into questions. All family/gang weapon shipments would be on pause until the rat was turned over. It wasn't long before the gems were traced back to another Forelli solider...The Forelli was captured and taken to Paleto bay and executed by a hit called on by the Godfather... Guy was in prime heat now with CID, and in bad blood with two of the commission families...in 2009 the Godfather traded his shoes after passing to guy...After a heavy investigation and being in hiding for a few years. Guy operates as the "Godfather" and overseer of the "Pavano Crime Family"

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