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Akira Takahashi Arriving in town!


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こんにちはあなたに会ってください! ハジメマシテ

Hello there! my name is Akira Takahashi! i just arrived in town! 

Takahashi Akira's Background story (背景ストーリー)

Takahashi-san was born in Mie prefecture in the 90s growing up Takahashi always saw a admiration for the japanese law enforcement units his dream was to always becoming a police officer. at the age of 10 he lost his dad due to to a cancer his dad was his best friend his hero his mentor growing up to his teenage he always loved looking at the drift team midnight club around the valley street up to the mountain takahashi really love cars speed is his passion 

Takahashi's believe is always help the next fellow who need help always be there for people who need help always be aware of your surrounding and if you see people who need help no matter who he is or she is Takahashi will never hesitate to help it's next one as a japanese takahashi was born in the Shinto religion so he had a classy growing with a important education on respect and prosperity during his early 20 takahashi always wanted to change sight but was too poor to do so..in the end at the age of 30 he managed to go out! on a plane heading to Lucid city he hope to spend his life there happy meeting new kind of people living a different life then he used to in japan and hoping to serve and help people around town! takahashi is a very skilled driver but sometime he can be irritated if someone is rude to him but he will never lose temper over a bad person who try to act tough he will always stay calm and relax talking his way out and be nice to them! 

Takahashi's main problem is  he don't like rain he hate getting cornered by people that he do not know it make him feel nervous but he still keep his cool no matter what! 


Takahashi's love eating and driving he do his best to respect the law on road but sometime if he get downhill he may like to do some drift with his car! (( he only drive RWD cars)) 

Takahashi can be bashful and nervous around female because he respect them and he do not want to disrespect them by what he may say because since english is not his first language he can be a lil bit awkward on what he is saying but he will never mean anything bad !

(( if you want to get to know takahashi come in town and meet him! :) ))

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