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Joe Mean


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Hey whats up?! 

I'm Joe!! im from the UK and i love the life of Lucid City!! 

I've been here for about 1 week now and i'm fully hooked on the lifestyle this city brings!!!

I've met some great and fantastic people!! also some idiots...

I cant wait to meet you guys!! maybe i have met some of you already!!

not gonna name drop, but you guys know who you are!! love you all and like i said i'm here to meet and greet !!!


See you city side !!!



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Forgot to mention my past!! i came from the UK in search of bigger things, i am originally from a place called Middlesbrough in the north east of England.

I am ex Army and Police and thought i need a change of scenery. 

I can be hot headed! but you can find me most days just relaxing with the few good guys i have met since bein here in the city.


Thanks for reading!!

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