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my name is CJ JOHNSON, and I recently moved to Lucid City with my wife after she accepted a nursing position at the hospital. We moved here from Texas, where we owned a ranch with Cows, pigs, and horses. While we will miss our Farm life, we are excited for our new adventure in Lucid City. 

Before becoming a farmer I was a full time Firefighter/paramedic for the City of Amarillo. I also served as a training officer teaching EMS classes. I am interested in serving the community again as an EMS worker in lucid city. 

my strengths are my leadership and mentoring skills from my many years as an officer in the EMS field. I enjoy training new EMS personnel and helping new people in the community by giving them rides to City hall and to driving school. I truly have a heart to serve the community. I have also though about in the long term starting a taxi/ transportation business in Lucid City. 

My weaknesses are that I’m not a very good driver, and I struggle to multitask, when I have multiple goals to get done at once. 

I look forward to meeting many people in the community and serving the public as much as I can. 


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